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“Galia is an angel!  Her passion and purpose to help others navigate life’s difficult challenges are immediately evident.  Galia in short time truly got to know the real me, my strengths and my weaknesses.  Her ability to quickly analyze complex situations, understand the emotions involved and foresee consequences is masterful.  Galia compassionately and intelligently guided me through the dark and painful experience of divorce.  Her wisdom helped mitigate many mistakes I would have made on my own, even though my intentions were good.  When my eyes were cloudy during this difficult time due to the pain of tough emotions, she helped me see more clearly in order to make the RIGHT DECISIONS.  Now, Galia is preparing me to re-enter the dating world with more self-confidence and awareness.  Life is no longer dictated by fear, worry, and self-doubt.  I am truly a better version of myself, feeling joy and freedom every day.  It is so wonderful to connect again with my true spirit.  Thank you, Galia!!!!”



“I had the good fortune of being invited to one of Galia’s “singles parties” a few years ago. It was a great mix of like-minded people, several of which developed into long term relationships. Now based in Boston, I’d strongly consider returning to the area to attend one of Galia’s events.”



“Beautiful venue, delicious food, and good people!  It is nice to see that there are quality people interested in meeting other quality people. Sadly, I’ve been single for so long that I have all but given up on connecting with anyone. This event gives me, and the others there last night hope. It was an awesome evening!”

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“About 5 years ago both of us followed an invitation to a social gathering that actually promised to be something new and different. As mature, independent and unattached professionals, we mingled with others in a beautifully decorated private home, enjoying snacks, great music, and conversation.

It turned out to be a perfect setting to get to know each other enough to spark further interest. We simply clicked and that was the beginning of our wonderful time together. Circumstance, coincidence, and a relaxed setting was the key to getting us started.

We wish Galia best of luck with the newest edition of that amazing setup.”



“Galia revealed to me my worth again after a recent divorce from a 25-year marriage. Dating was new to me, and after 25 years of commitment to my ex-wife, I had no idea what type of woman I could attract. Galia held my hand and led to me to a better place, where I could thrive as a confident man again. Within a few minutes of meeting with her, I knew I was conversing with the smartest woman that I have ever met. Her mind is truly amazing to watch, as she wastes no words, or time, in her laser-focused thoughts. I can’t recommend her services enough, as I know personally that what you will receive, is truly remarkable!”

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