Private Coaching

customized to match your needs and goals.

As a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Galia  partners with clients as they do a deep dive in self-exploration – examining values, interpretations and  limiting beliefs. She is a cheerleader, accountability partner, and confidante.  If you long for a life of direction filled with love, acceptance, meaning, contentment and prosperity, Galia invites you to schedule a call. With compassion, gentleness and presence, Galia accompanies you as you re-discover  your essence, recognize your unique gifts, your purpose and your truth.
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Coaching services are customized to match your specific needs and goals. It all begins with a complimentary call.

If both parties agree to work together, a plan will be designed to address your specific needs and meet your schedule.  Together, you and Galia will decide if you are a candidate for SOMETHING IN COMMON’s one-on-one coaching, matchmaking, philanthropic consulting or a combination of  all three.  We will design a package that works for you.

Coaching Sessions

Galia works with successful men and women who want to achieve things that look out of reach now, but are possible through deep coaching.  Alter your relationships, beginning with the relationship with yourself. No matter where you are on your journey, consider giving yourself the gift of  coaching.

With Core-Energy Coaching, you can become more aware and able to control how you show up on good days and stressful days. You can learn to respond to the world differently, set and achieve goals and step into your full self. You can learn that anger, frustration, joy, forgiveness, peace and ecstasy are all real emotions and neither good or bad, you can learn to link your thoughts, feelings and actions and get the results you long for.

Galia works with clients in a number of ways. Sessions can be held:

  • In person
  • Over the phone
  • Via Whatsapp. Skype or Zoom

It is not necessary to be in the same city or state, all that is needed is an open mind and an open heart.  

Galia wants to help you realize your best self. Coaching is specifically designed for ​each client. Possible sessions may include:

  • Transitions: How to create a meaningful new normal.
  • Disconnect
  • Life After Divorce
  • How To Pivot & Flourish
  • How To Read Body Language
  • Do You Know Your Love Language?
  • Understanding Men and Women
  • Improve Communication
  • New People, New Possibilities
  • Change Your Mindset
  • Change Your Narrative, Change Your Life
  • Rediscover You

Dream big, fail with grace, get back up and choose differently.