Private Coaching

customized to match your needs and goals.

As a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), I partner with clients to do a deep dive in self-exploration – examining values, interpretations and  limiting beliefs. I am your cheerleader, accountability partner, and confidante.  If you long for a life of direction filled with love, acceptance, meaning, contentment and prosperity, I invite you to schedule a call. With compassion, gentleness and presence, I will accompany you as you re-discover  your essence, recognize your unique gifts, your purpose and your truth.
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Deep coaching conversations can reveal your true gifts and help you determine which ones you want to explore and possibly share with the world. You get to decide the destination, the road map and who goes on the journey with you.

I customize my coaching services to match your specific needs and goals. It all begins with a complimentary call. Discover if working with me is a hell yeah or hell no! No harm, no foul: the thirty minutes we spend talking will teach us both something valuable. If we both feel like it’s a hell yeah!, we will schedule your complimentary coaching session.

That’s right–I offer at least two hours of (gratis) coaching in order for both of us to decide if we work well together. I have found that this is the best way for you to decide if you are “all in.” Your coaching journey with me is going to get personal… you need to be ready and committed to the process and I need to be inspired to bring my A-game.

Once we co-create our coaching agreement, and we both decide we are “all in,” we will make magic happen.


Are you ready to play? Ready to experience open, peer-to-peer, non evaluative conversations between people with equal power? You are the expert on you and all the valuables are inside of you. Ready to begin stepping out of your known world and begin to explore the world of your future self? Turn the impossible into the possible.

I want you to experience the life-changing impact that coaching can have on your life.

Coaching Services

I work with successful men and women who want to achieve things that look out of reach now, but are possible through deep coaching. No matter where you are on your journey, consider giving yourself the gift of coaching.

With Core-Energy Coaching, you can become more aware and able to control how you show up on good days and stressful days. You can learn to respond to the world differently, set and achieve goals and step into your full self. You can learn that anger, frustration, joy, forgiveness, peace and ecstasy are all real emotions and neither good or bad, you can learn to link your thoughts, feelings and actions and get the results you long for.

I work with clients in a number of ways. Sessions can be held:

  • In person
  • Over the phone
  • Via Whatsapp, Skype, or Zoom

It is not necessary to be in the same city or state, all that is needed is an open mind and an open heart.  

I want to help you realize your best self. Coaching is specifically designed for ​each client. Possible sessions may include:

  • Transitions: How to create a meaningful new normal
  • Disconnect
  • Life After Divorce
  • How To Pivot & Flourish
  • How To Read Body Language
  • Do You Know Your Love Language?
  • Understanding Men and Women
  • Improve Communication
  • New People, New Possibilities
  • Change Your Mindset
  • Change Your Narrative, Change Your Life
  • Rediscover You

The Energy Leadership Index

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment is a tool popularized by Forbes Executives and used by the world’s top leaders and entrepreneurs. I offer this assessment as a part of my coaching services.

Everyone is fueled by their own dreams and ambitions, and often cite low energy or lack of energy as the reason they cannot reach their goals. The ELI takes a close look at the complex relationship between your typical energy and your energy in reaction to stress. The ELI results offer us a window into your current ability to regulate your thoughts, emotions and actions. Your debrief will show you the various areas in your life where shifting your energy may result in different outcomes. During the debrief, we will review your results and plan your future growth in any area(s) that you wish to make changes. Studies prove that higher levels of consciousness are associated with higher levels of success in life, including success in finances, relationships, personal development, achievement, and more. Once you see the dynamics at play, you can learn to regulate your energy. You get to decide how you show up.
The ELI is for you if you want to increase your happiness and motivation, and learn what drives you to do your best work .

This is how it works:
Once you complete your online assessment, we will reconnect to debrief. I share your results, offer you my insights, and you receive valuable takeaways. Together we identify areas you might want to explore further with coaching. If coaching is not in the cards for you, the ELI debrief will still provide you with powerful insights and information that can improve your life.

The ELI is ideal for individuals, professional teams, community groups and organizations. Elevate the energy, leadership, and potential for you and/or you and your posse.

Dream big, fail with grace, get back up and choose differently.