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Hi, I’m Galia. I am committed to helping you find your why. I founded SOMETHING IN COMMON to help my clients simply do life better.
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I believe in the power of vulnerability and life-long learning. In my calling as a coach, I strive to create a space for my clients to be courageous. My goal for SOMETHING IN COMMON clients is to manifest a life filled with more honesty, creativity, inspiration and authenticity.



working with people like you. I offer my expertise in the areas of:


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Galia Pennekamp is multi-passionate coach. She is a connector and an advocate who resides in her hometown, Miami, Florida.
She uses the wealth of her life experiences to teach others how to shift their perspective and to literally step out of their home and into a world of possibilities. By building community and changing the rules of the game, Galia is helping people find purpose and meaning in their lives. Galia uses her own life as a living example to show others that happiness and living your best life comes from giving yourself permission to dream big, fail with grace, get back up again and choose differently– all in the name of love, freedom, fun, service, and experience!