Something In Common

because life is better shared.

Happiness. It is the one constant we all spend a lifetime chasing. At its core is neither money nor beauty—but relationships.
Despite this universal understanding that life is better shared, navigating the world only continues to get harder. Leaving thousands frustrated, dejected and searching for answers in all the wrong places.
In short, we need help …
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The Old Fashioned Way.

Galia Pennekamp sees herself on a shared journey helping people build meaningful relationships with themselves, other people, groups and great organizations.

Galia founded SOMETHING IN COMMON, a concept focused on empowerment, changing habits, and most importantly, building relationships and connections with the right people and organizations. She offers philanthropy consulting services, private and group coaching, and  matchmaking.

Whether you are looking to be more social, invest in a good cause, or looking for a partner, Something In Common can help.

Are you ready to manifest deeper connections filled with more honesty, creativity, inspiration and authenticity?