Something In Common

thrive on your terms.

Even though we are all extraordinary humans full of potential, dreams, goals and purpose, we all need a little help sometimes.  It’s time to tap into your mind, body and soul.
If you are ready to up your performance, find contentment or simply want to improve how you show up in the world, then let’s talk.
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Hi there, I am glad you stopped by. I’m Galia, and I’m on a shared journey to help people build meaningful relationships with themselves and others. I founded SOMETHING IN COMMON to empower, change habits, and make magic happen. Check out my offerings and decide if my vibe is right for you. If you find yourself leaning in, schedule a no-strings-attached complimentary discovery call.

You’re ready to explore coaching with me if one or more of these statements is true for you:
  • You have great ideas but you are suffering from paralysis by analysis.
  • You want to get unstuck and move away from your current fixed mindsets and patterns.
  • Life changes are giving you whiplash and you need help processing what is going on and how to adapt to your new normal.
  • You can’t change your landscape but you want to increase your capacity to thrive in the environment you find yourself in.
  • You are looking for sustainable change and improvement of personal habits.
  • You are thinking about your legacy and/or making major life or career changes.
  • You want your life to have meaning and purpose, and you want to create a ripple effect for your family or loved ones.
  • You want to improve your relationships.
  • You want to replace judgement with curiosity and suspend your own reality long enough to consider what else is possible.
  • You want to create an extraordinary life on your terms.

Are you ready to manifest a life filled with more honesty, creativity, inspiration and authenticity?

Schedule your call today to discover if working with me is a hell yeah or hell no!
No harm, no foul: the thirty minutes we spend talking will teach us both something valuable.